First Class Baseball

2015 First Class Events


    In 2015, First Class Baseball will put on 12 events with the goal of high competition, college recruiting, AABC league play, and more. 

1 – 7th Annual MLK Showcase – Monday, January 19 - This is a one-day SHOWCASE with an average of 10-15 college recruiters/scouts that are focused on one field, meaning they see every pitch and swing!

2 – ESTL Season 2 – March, April, May - Extended Spring Training League, which is a league for players not playing in high school for various reasons.  Last season was the first year and it exceeded all expectations.  Teams practice once per week indoors and play league games on Sundays, including records of statistics, standings, etc.

3 – AABC Spring “INSTRUX” League – March, April, May - There will be two leagues at the 9/10 and 11/12 ages.  This is geared for Little Leaguers and will only take place on Sundays and will combine instruction with live competitive games.  Standings and league leaders will be covered on the website.  The objective is to introduce and instruct on AABC rules, including leading from bases, pick offs, managing the running game and other aspects that differ from Little League rules.  There will be league champions, a State Tourney, Regional Tourney and World Series in Puerto Rico!

4 – AABC Summer Leagues at the 18U Connie Mack and 16U Mickey Mantle levels.  The format will be similar to the Instrux League above, only with older players.  Three CM and MM teams advance to the State Tourney from the First Class League.

5 – AABC Connie Mack and Mickey Mantle State Tourney Qualifier – June 5-7 -  One team advances to the State Tourney from the 18U CM and 16U MM Divisions.

6 – 4th Annual “Area Code Showdown” F.C. ShowcaseJune 16-17 – This will be the first showcase/exposure event of the summer as it will be the first Tues/Wed after school is out!  It is meant to be a high school All Star game and has drawn a lot of the Bay Area’s top talent and a guarantee of college recruiters, who actually COACH the teams during the ACS! 

7– AABC Nevada Connie Mack and Mickey Mantle Regional Qualifier -   July 4th weekend – Location will either be Reno or Las Vegas, NV.  Winning team advances to the Western Regional for both CM and MM.

8 – First Class “Consolation Tourney” – July 24 – 26 – The “Consolation Tourney,” meant for those who do not advance in AABC play as well as teams looking for a great tourney to end the summer, will be a specialty tourney as the winner in each division will win a “TEAM PRIZE” (that will be explained later) that teams will compete HARD to win!

9 - The Aloha “TOP 100” F.C. Showcase – mid August - Previously held at Reno Aces Stadium, the “Top 100” is being planned for HAWAII in 2015!  This is a highly invitational event that would feature 15 colleges over four days at the University of Hawaii!

10 – 8th Annual F.C. Fall Showcase - This is a one-day SHOWCASE with an average of 10-15 college recruiters/scouts that are focused on one field, meaning they see every pitch and swing!

11 – 2nd Annual “First Class Fall Classic” Team Showcase - This "A List" event was a huge success in 2014 as college recruiters ran the tourney and players played every game of the FC Fall Classic with eyes on them.  

12 -  2nd Annual F.C. Winter Showcase - This is a one-day SHOWCASE with an average of 10-15 college recruiters/scouts that are focused on one field, meaning they see every pitch and swing!

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Extended Spring Training League

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16U/18U Summer Leagues

WANTED: Top 16U & 18U teams in for 2015 Summer AABC Leagues


Connie Mack Baseball (18U) and Mickey Mantle Baseball (16U) provide the very highest level of play at those ages in Northern CA over the summer months.  For both divisions, league play (or winning a qualifying tourney) means making the State Tourney, where you have to be the top team to advance to the Western Regional.  The Western Regional is a whole different story as you now face off with THE VERY BEST of Southern CA and Arizona!


Please contact First Class Baseball if you are interested in any (or all) of the following for the 2015 Summer…

  • 16U Mickey Mantle League (top 2 teams advance to the State Tourney)
  • 18U Connie Mack (top 2 teams advance to the State Tourney)
  • Early Summer Kick Off AABC Qualifer Tourney - In early June, the tourney champion will win a bid to the 16U Mickey Mantle and 18U Connie Mack State Tourneys
  • Area Code Showdown – Though this Summer Showcase event is not particular to players who are a part of First Class, those who are a part of First Class will obviously have preference in the ACS

2015 Area Code Showdown Preview…

  • Dates will be Friday July 31- Sunday August


  • This date change will make it the 2015 Summer Finale Showcase!


  • The ACS is shifting to an invitational event, though interested players are encouraged to contact us to be considered.


  • There will again be 6-8 college coaches running the teams on the field


  • Registration within a week of being offered will result in a secured roster spot for the 2015 ACS.  Otherwise ACS staff will have to move on with another invite (though players will be encouraged to reply still in case there is still a spot).


  • ACS staff is committed to “hunt” for the top players in Northern CA over the next year to make the 2015 event the best yet